Peugeot Perthus at the canal

My Peugeot Perthus

I purchased a Peugeot Perthus frameset some time ago with the aim of sourcing all the components I needed to build a single/fixed gear bike. I did this pretty much as soon as I got he frameset and never wrote anything about. So, now I am.

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Stuff I read

So I was a bit bored and decided to make another page of the internet. This one specifically is for links to various web design/development blogs and magazines I use. It also includes links to online tools I use and galleries for inspiration during my working week. There a lot more items I could put on it, but this is what I’m going with for now. Just a simple thing I made.

Have a look at the stuff I read if you think you’re interested enough.

Little Printer

This is a tidy idea for subscribing to and printing off updates from your favourite websites. Twitter updates, news stories, to-do lists, reminders, puzzles, the weather and much more. I like it because it’s small and cute. In reality, I’d probably use it for a week and the¬†novelty¬†would ware off.

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