New Theme for CeeFourBee

So, I installed WordPress two months ago and it’s taken me that long to come up with my own theme for it. Whether this was due to a lack of inspiration or due to a busy finish to my University course I’m not sure, but I think it has all contributed in some way. The lack of my own theme also hindered my enthusiasm to make entries and maintain the blog. Hopefully now that I have created my own it will motivate me to make more entries for people to read, if anyone is interested of course.

The theme isn’t quite finished, but I think it’s a good start. I certainly need to clean up the HTML and CSS. I had the idea for the slanted header a while ago, it was, however, yellow and black in my mind with a kind of industrial feel to it. Instead, though, I have come up with this cleaner blue version, which I think works well with the other colours selected. I do think it looks too basic at the minute, so I might try and add something to the header or maybe have something at the bottom. Feel free to give me your opinions on how the site currently looks and any suggestions are also welcome.