We Will Rock You

A couple of nice people on the OcUK forum have made a single player mod for Half-life 2, which I’ve just finished playing. It’s called ‘Rock 24’ and it focuses around the famous Gordon Freeman’s mission to save Richard G Newell from a combine prison installation. It’s obvious that a fair amount of work has gone into making the mod, and this makes it very entertaining. The playtime is about an hour and a half and there are some interesting elements and puzzles added in to make it more interesting.

The mod is a completely different environment from City 17 and features new voices, models and music, making it a different experience from the original Half-life 2 game. You can download the mod from Filefront or Megaupload. There’s also a development Wiki, which contains known bugs and more information on the mod and creators. Finally, there is the original ‘Rock 24′ thread on the OcUK forum where I found out about the mod. And, just to get you even more excited I’ve included some screenshots.

Rock 24 Screenshot 1 Large

Rock 24 Sccreenshot 2 Large