Listen to This

More and more recently, I have started listening to the radio online via my PC instead of the little black box that is my radio. The only two radio stations I use to listen to were Radio 1 and the local Radio Wyvern, which coincidentally use to be located just around the corner from where I live. There are many reasons for this, one of them being that I like the BBC and have some sort of misplaced loyalty, which stops me listening to any other radio station with DJs. And also becuase I get annoyed with adverts, particulaly ones that tell me washing machines last longer with calgon.

So I went on a search to find music to listen to during the day that wasn’t all about the inflated egos of the DJ and playing the same 7 tracks repeatedly. Now, my main music taste is dance and although there are many different sub genres of dance music, finding a good online source for them is difficult. My main difficulty was the high amount of cheesy crap that gets played with the odd great tune splashed in randomly. Eventually I found a couple of good stations, these being Music One and Digitially Imported Radio. Music One is good as it plays dance music all day with no commercial adverts and there’s only one show on, randomly, that has DJs. Which, cunningly, I have managed to avoid so far. Digitially Imported is probably the best, however. It has seventeen streams dedicated to dance music with themes from House, Trance right through to Ambient, Chillout and Breakbeat. Along with that I’ve found listening to Pete Tong’s, and the Dance Department’s, podcasts quite good too.

After all this searching, though, I have found myself coming back to the BBC. Not to listen to the daytime shows, but to listen to the shows on in the evening that I usually miss for one reason or another. The listen again feature makes this possible, and I listen to quite a lot of the content provided by it. Particulaly Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Judge Jules, 6 Mix and The Essential Mix. There’s just so much good content provided through the BBC radio player now, and it just keeps sucking me back in.