Holidays Are Coming

As you will have noticed from my contrived title, the holidays are indeed coming and hopefully I will not eat and drink to excess, but I hope for this every year and I end up failing miserably. I really think I have a food addiction; it’s terrible but hardly my fault, if only those evil food people didn’t make consumption of junk taste so good.

The last of my presents was purchased from HMV yesterday, the process of which was made considerably longer by the lovely till monkey who waffled information to me which I didn’t and couldn’t care to know. Every Christmas I know HMV will be a terrible place to be, but yet I am drawn there like brand new trainers are to dog ****.

I’ve also been working on a WordPress theme that I eventually hope to release into the world for general use. It’s been going well, but taking far too long to finish – I’ve just been distracted from it far too easily. Anyway, it’s yellow/orange/black/white and it’s pretty simple, which is the way I like things. I hope that people will like it and use it and there won’t be too many bugs/errors for me to fix – or rather I hope people won’t be too picky. There’s a sneak preview just below:

WordPress Theme Sneak Preview
In other good news, CSS Zen Garden has had an update for the first time in… whenever. As usual, there are some good designs up on show. My current favourite is ‘Retro Theatre’ by Eric Rogé, a very clever design. Be inspired.