Last Year

A new year has begun (Yeah, I know it was two weeks ago. I’m just slow like that) and as usual last year seems like it lasted a week, maybe a bit longer if we include holidays. New Years Eve was fun, I just sat in the pub with friends and consumed alcohol all night, although not as much as I usually do, which makes a nice change. I also thought the night was strange somehow. I’m use to it feeling like any other night out, but this year it just seemed a lot flatter than ever. Maybe it falling on a Sunday was the reason for this, but I’m not altogether sure.

Sad things have already happened this year. Magnus Magnusson passed away on the 7th of January and was then followed by Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster) on the 8th. I think Magnus Magnusson was one of those chaps you could sit and chat with all day, or perhaps just sit and listen to. While Yvonne De Carlo was attractive and funny in the Munster’s, possibly one of my favourite programs when I was younger. Such a shame.

Good things have happened this year, too. Apple presented their new iPhone to the world, which I have to say looks very sexy. I haven’t really checked out the features, but I think I’m shallow enough to just have one because it looks nice and shiny. I’m also shallow enough to post a picture of it on this very website. This is mainly so I can gaze at it’s beauty and daydream about all the naughty things I want to do to it. Kinky!

Apple iPhone