Wonderfully Webby

Webby website screenshot.

So, the BBC has managed to win three Webby awards this year. For anybody not in the know *looks down nose at YOU* they are international awards for excellence on the internet, this includes websites, advertising and video. I hadn’t been clued up on this until I heard it on the news, it seems like a cool idea though. Plus everything else has some sort of awards, so why not this?

The BBC won awards for their news website, as well as the “Peoples Choice” for this category, and Radio 1 won the best radio award. I can’t really argue with the BBC News website winning, it’s functional and certainly one of the easiest websites around to use. I also like all the content provided online through the Radio 1 website, listen again is a great feature.

Interestingly enough, while I was at a website training day recently people were asked what their favourite websites were, and nearly everyone said the BBC News website. This, however, was just after they all said they don’t like websites full of text, but I can’t blame them for that little lapse.

I really hope the BBC keep up the good work.