Where’s Barney?

Some people will know why I haven’t posted on here in a while, and others won’t have a clue. So here’s the story (Sorry. No pictures, Ash). A few weeks ago I was going down a very steep hill on my mountain bike, which was going very well until one of the brake cables snapped. Unfortunately, the other brake wasn’t strong enough to slow me down. It was rush hour at the time, and the hill I was heading down leads onto a busy main road. The last thing I remember thinking was “****. I need to come off now.” So, I did.

The next thing I remember is being stood up and wondering why I can’t move my right arm. Then, some chap turns up and starts telling me he thinks I need an Ambulance. I’m pretty dazed and confused at this point and tell him I’m okay and that I just need to find my bike and go home (I think my bike was still halfway down the hill and I was at the bottom). Some more people turn up and start telling me I need an Ambulance and promptly ring one. After that I sit on the floor and start feeling really sleepy – not good. It was at this point that I was pretty sure I’d broken my arm, but I wasn’t in any pain.

A rapid response Ambulance turns up and I’m put on oxygen straight away and they start to check me over, asking me loads of questions trying to keep me awake. At one point I hear one of the Paramedics say “I think he’s got an open fracture.” I realise that this means the bone has pierced through my arm and it’s not going to be a simple repair job (I later find out it’s done this twice). I was given two doses of morphine. I was told each dose would make me feel like I’d had ten pints. It didn’t, but it stopped my arm hurting when they were moving me about. Another Ambulance then turns up to take me to A&E at the Worcester Royal Hospital. Surprisingly, I was quite happy now. Maybe that was down to the morphine.

At hospital my arm is x-rayed and it’s confirmed that I’d broken my right humerus, wrist and that I have some nerve damage. I was then told that I’d have to have an operation that night to plate my humerus back together and investigate the nerve damage. I’m given some more morphine, have bloods taken, asked a lot more questions and eventually moved up to another ward.

Some time after 9:00pm I’m taken for my operation and put under general anaesthetic. I wake up some time in the middle of the night/morning back on the ward with a nurse giving me some pain killers and my arm in plaster. I find out I came out of surgery at around 2:00am. The next morning the surgeon comes to see me with a large group of doctors. He asks me how I’m feeling and I tell him I’m okay, but tired. He goes on to tell me that the operation went well and they discovered that some bone pierced my radial nerve. But, the nerve is still 80% intact.

For those not in the know, like I was before the accident, the radial nerve controls the opening of the hand. So, at the minute I can’t open my hand up, but the nerve should eventually heal. Due to not being able to open my hand, I have this very nice splint that keeps my fingers lifted. This means I can sort of use my right hand, just nowhere near as well as before.

So there you go, that’s what happened to me. And now some advice, don’t break your arm!