Web Review: July

You might have read the title and hoped I was talking about an excellent program that was hosted by Jason Bradbury late at night on ITV. But, I’m not. I’m actually just going to point myself, and anyone else who can bring themselves to read my blog, towards some websites I like. Predominantly, these will just be websites that have a pretty design, but I may feature some for less frivolous reasons. So, here are this months.

New {Concept} is featured as the headline screenshot and has a lovely navigation menu. Point your mouse over the menu and the hover effect chases you around as you go back and forth. The nice chap behind the website, Szabolcs Bakos, has even provided the JavaScript behind the menu.

Sean Klassen‘s home page is random, but I like that. I also like the fact that Sean Klassen owns a suit. It’s a simple, clean and to the point website. Nothing too fancy and nothing too busy. Plus there is some really good work in the portfolio.

Alex Cohaniuc has a nice menu/portfolio/gallery section for displaying his work. I also like the fact that there isn’t a lot going on, on his website. Just examples of work, a very brief bio and a contact form. Simple.