CSS3 for Web Designers

I read CSS3 for Web Designers published by A Book Apart on the train home last night and finished it off this morning. The author Dan Cederholm has done a great job of describing the use of the most widely supported CSS3 properties available to date. It’s really succinct and to the point, which is what you want from such a short book. There’s definitely no rambling here, but there are a few quirky turns of phrase to liven it up and keep you interested.

I’ve been using the CSS3 properties (and more) described in this book, but there were a few things I picked up on when reading through it. Providing a colour value when using RGBA values, giving browsers that don’t support RGBA colours something to fall back to. This is a prime example and common sense, really! I’m also keen to try out the parallax background idea using multiple CSS backgrounds. It looks so cool.

Overall I think this is a great entry point into CSS3 for someone that hasn’t really dabbled with it before. Like I said, I picked up a few key points I hadn’t thought of, or read about, that will be useful in the future. Even if you’ve been using CSS3 for a while I would say it’s a useful and good read.